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Finding Skilled Software Developers
  • 50,000 IT professionals in our agency’s database
  • 15 professional IT recruiters
  • 6 years of expertise оn the IT market
Want to fill a vacancy in a matter of a few days?

Save your time Meet the best candidates only

Analysis of 400 professionals on average
  • search in our database of candidates
  • networking
  • direct search
  • search by recommendations
Over 150 candidates

preliminary interview and analysis for meeting the requirements

About 20 candidates

a motivational interview and testing the skills

The result is:
candidates that meet your requirements perfectly
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Who we find


Superstars know that they are the best and they are always in the public eye. They are not difficult to find but it is hard to offer them something that can interest them.

Dark horses

Dark horses are often as good as superstars but they are still less confident, do not like taking risks and are unwilling to change their job. They are difficult to find, but each one is a true gem.

Promising ones

They may not meet the employer’s expectations for 100% but they have a growth potential that our recruiters will certainly notice.

Professional expertise

Checking the motivation

We examine the candidate’s motivation and facilitate the negotiations at the stage of a job offer.

Language skills evaluation

We evaluate a candidate’s knowledge of English or any other language, and also check how he will fit in the work environment of your company.

Candidate’s references

We collect all the recommendations from the previous employment places and find out the candidate’s reputation on the market.

Checking skills

We use modern technologies to assess corporate and technical competencies of the candidate.

Guaranteed result

We will charge you only after the candidate we found gets hired. Besides, we guarantee a free replacement of an employee during the entire life period of the project. We are interested to find the top-notch professionals for you.

Our results

  • Ivan Senior PHP-developer, Team-Lead, Scrum-master Was found in 8 days, among 234 candidates
  • Natalia Junior QA/QC Engineer Was found in 4 days, among 412 candidates
  • Nikita Project Manager, Team Lead, Delphi Developer Was found in 10 days, among 371 candidates
  • Alexander Node.JS, full-stack Javascript Was found in 7 days, among 143 candidates
  • Inna Business Analyst Was found in 9 days, among 232 candidates
Over 50,000 contacts of IT professionals

Over the six years of work we have formed a database of more than 50,000 tested candidates with various IT specializations.

Among them:

ASP.NET MVC developers, Python Developers, Game Developers, Database developers, Solutions Architects, WEB Front-end developers, SOA Developers, PHP Back-end Developers, C#/.NET developers, Javascript Developers, system and business analysts, UI/UX specialists, QA engineers, Project и Product managers, Mobile (iOS, Android) Developers, as well as specialized full stack developers.

Learn how many potential contacts we already have for your vacancy


Senior Java Developer

  • contacts is already in the database

  • potential contacts for the assessment of our experts

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  • Save your time

    We spare you from communicating with hundreds of doubtful candidates but allow you to focus on choosing from the best

  • Payment by results

    Our services in search and selection of the staff are absolutely free. You pay only for the employee you actually hire.

  • Free replacement warranty

    We guarantee free replacement of an employee during the entire project life period.

How we work

We find out what you need

We get to know you and your company, go deep into details of the vacancy and fully focus on the staff you need.

We select the best candidates

We have a large contact database but we do much more than just searching in it. At least three experienced recruiters will work to select the candidates for your vacancy.

We can find an ideal employee

You don’t waste time on preliminary search and meet only the best professionals that meet all of your requirements.

You pay for our work

We charge only for the employees you actually hire and guarantee free replacement of an employee during the entire project life period.

About us

By implementing unique techniques, we have accumulated considerable experience that allows us to fill the most complicated vacancies for the companies in 25 countries.

We have offices in Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

Since 2015, we have been a strategic partner of the world’s leader in HR services, KELLY Services.

  • Our strategic partner in the CIS market.

Our company in figures

  • 6 years of experience in the global market of HR services
  • 15 IT recruiters

  • 68 active customers
  • 104 IT vacancies filled over the last year


We are grateful to Smart Solutions for their responsible attitude and fast services. The consultants working with us were of high qualification. They understood our needs well and found us the employees of the required level. We recommend Smart Solutions as a responsible contractor.

  • Vladimir Sharov Director GlobalLogic Ukraine

We express our gratitude to Smart Solutions for the timely and quality services. We saved our time and solved our hiring problems. We were pleasantly surprised with the efficiency, the client-oriented approach and the relevant analysis of our company’s needs. It is our pleasure to recommend Smart Solutions as a reliable provider of HR services to the businesses searching for the IT professionals.

  • Vyacheslav Savoskin CEO of Smart Video Systems

Smart Solutions is our trusted long-time partner. They are always able to help with fast and qualified staffing when we have hard deadlines and tough openings. At the same time, it's a great pleasure to work with the professional recruiters who know what good service means.

  • Natalia Zub COO and Cо-Founder Copler